Game Over, Pastor Mensah Otabil Made Declaration About Nana Addo

Pastor Mensah Otabil, the founder and leader of International Central Gospel Chapel, ICGC has once again sent a bold message to Nana Akufo-addo. The man of God is known for his love for the gospel and also his interest in giving his members an in-depth knowledge on the word of God. Speaking at a sermon on the Living word program today, he made certain declarations about Nana Addo.

Christians need to stay stronger during the test of time. Covid-19 has caused more harm globally than anything I have witnessed in my life time- he stated. He revealed that he himself was taken by shock to how a disease could cause that much problem. He said that when God gives you a test or a challenge, he also finds solution to it.

He was concerned about how the corona virus closed down churches per government or the president’s order and how Ghanaians criticized him. He explained that the measure that were laid down by the president was for the good of the church members or all Christians and Ghanaians. He said the test, which is the virus that confused Ghanaians also had its solution from God (i.e Nana Addo as the solution).

Everything happens for a reason and that is why he was also made a president during a time that his capabilities in battling such situations were needed most- He added. He further applauded and urged him to grow in wisdom and authority since the safety and well being of the head of the country always needs to be the top most priority.

He further explained that the devil attacks the head of everything and makes sure that it is corrupted to the lowest part. Being organization, a family or any place, the union is stronger if the leader is. He boldly declared that he should grow in wisdom and health in order to manage the affairs of the country well.

Such great and bold messages from men of God is what we desire. Men of God should continue to voice out on such things and ignore the fact that they will be dragged into issues concerning allegedly having interest in a political party or group.

May God protect the president

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