Addi Pundit tells society to watch out for him! as he shoots his new music video.

Abubakar Ali popularly known by his stage name as Addi Pundit is a very talented artist who resides in Tema New Town.Addi Pundit was born on 29th October 1991 in Tema New Town but and also originates from the Greater Accra region of Ghana. Addi Pundit is deeply into the musical genre of dancehall and shows massive perfection in his choice of musical genre. Addi Pundit completed his secondary cycle of education at St John’s Grammar.He shows bossiness in the tunes he produces as an artist and provide his fans with massive tunes that are good to listen to.

Addi Pundit is the CEO of the QUENG DEM NATION with large mass of fans namely the “Punditerians”. Addi Pundit tells the whole world to watch out for him as he shoots his “Queng Dem” video on Sunday, 18 October 2020. The video shoot was successful with large number of expected fans (Punditerians)

Video Shoot

Addi Pundit assured his fans of more massive tunes and success in the coming days, and then they should expect more better things from him. The young legend pleaded with his fans for more supports for occasions like this.He made them also know that,their availability makes him more happier and strong for better days ahead.

Addi Pundit with the video shoot!

Many people who where available for the video shoot praised Addi Pundit’s humbleness and endurance.The People of Tema New Town also showered him with their blessings of prosperity,more winnings and sucess. They made him know their supportive vigor because he also produces massive tunes.All Punditerians and the people of Tema New Town are patiently waiting for the video of the “Queng Dem” tune and all hopes everything goes as planned.

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