As a woman, believe that your vagina is beautiful the way it is. Avoid worrying about how small or big some parts of it are and focus on keeping it as clean as possible. Many women end up using their God given channel for reproduction and most importantly for married couples sex, as a tool for making money and other ungodly acts which makes the vagina loses its natural elasticity or nature.

For a way back, most women end up doing the below which affects them in the long run;

# Douching it

Apparently, washing the outer parts of the vagina like the vulva causes no harm to your health and in fact, is a good deed for keeping your vagina clean. The problem here is, most women douche or shoot water into their vagina to remove whatever is stuck in there. My advice is, don’t do it!! Below is why;

It hugely messes up the delicate pH balance of your lady parts, which can lead to infections such as thrush.

# Don’t put anything there to tighten or clean it up

Amazingly, the vagina is pretty good at cleaning itself or tidying itself up.

So keep it away from soap, perfumes, homemade lubes, fruit, vegetables, balls of herbs or anything else you might (for some reason) want to put inside yourself to keep it clean. Vagina tightening medications tends to dry up vaginal lubrication. Lubrication in the vagina makes it wet, smoother and much nicer during sex. Tightening medications will surely tighten up your vagina but will also take away your wetness during sex and by doing that, your excitement during sex will be lost too.


Believe it or not, some people put weed up their vagina to relieve period pain. A company called Foria has even invented marijuana capsules to target the source of the pain directly. Not only could it get you into serious trouble as weed is, y’know, a Class B illegal drug, but there’s no evidence to suggest it works. No actual testing has been done. We have no idea if it’s safe or not. So, is it really worth the criminal (and who knows, maybe health) risk?

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more exciting and informed updates.


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