12 Interesting Facts About Ghana

  • Fastest man in the world to run backwards

The fastest man in de world to run backwards is a Ghanaian called Ferdie Adoboe. He has a world record for the fastest 100 yard backward sprint in 12.7 seconds in the year 1983.

  • A Ghanaian Football Legend

The most trolled Ghanaian football legend Asamoah Gyan is also Ghana’s all-time top goalscorer. He netted 51 goals for the black stars since his debut in 2003.

  • The first car to be manufactured in Ghana.

The 1st car to be assembled or manufactured in Ghana was done by Apostle Safo Katanka in the year 1998. The first complete built unit (CBU) was manufactured using 75% of local components, including the engine block. After he’s had some interesting designs for his cars that continues to astonish Ghanaians.

  • The first Ghanaian to win a Black Entertainment Television (BET) Award.

The 1st Ghanaian Artiste to win a BET Award is Michael Owusu Addo popularly known as Sarkodie. He won the award for Best International Act: Africa in the year 2012. He wanted to make history by winning a BET Award in his native language which he was able to accomplish. Since then, he’s managed to stay relevant for over a decade now giving us good music. All the best Sarkodie.

  • The only president in Ghana’s history to pass away in power.

 Former President Late Prof. John Atta Mills is the only president or head of state to pass away in his tenure of office. This tragic news hit Ghanaians by surprise on 24th July, 2012. He had proven being healthy few weeks before the incident but the cold hands of death fell on him that day. Let’s pray to God for long life since we all don’t know when we will join our ancestors. RIP Late Prof. John Atta Mills.

  • ‘Kente’ cloth was originated from Ghana

According to oral history from Bonwire, the Ghanaian village that produced the first Kente said the cloth has been in existence for 377 years now. In recent years, Kente has become a symbol for the Africans across the world.

  • One war Ghana lasted 77 years

The longest war for Ghana against the European colonial masters lasted 77 years, this was the Anglo-Ashanti War from 1823 to 1900.

The Anglo-Ashanti Wars was five conflicts that happened between the Ashanti Empire and the British Empire. This war brought the Ashanti Empire under the British Gold Coast Colony.

  • Ghana has the biggest man-made lake in the world.

Ghana has the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta. It has a surface area of 8,502 square kilometres. The lake is completely within the the country. It is about 320 miles from South-western parts of the country to the North.

  •  First country of sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence

Ghana is the first country of the sub-Saharan Africa to gain independence on 6th March, 1957. It’s been 63 years since Ghana had their freedom from the British colonial authority.

  •  Ghana has the biggest mall in West Africa

The West Hills Mall is the biggest shopping mall in the whole of West Africa.

It was built on a 27,700 square meter land at a cost of 93 million dollars. This 4.3 star mall is also among the biggest malls on the continent. It also serves as a tourist attraction for many foreigners.

  • The Ghanaian Cedi Ghana is the only country in the world to enjoy the currency Cedi. It is the fourth historical and only current legal tender in the Republic of Ghana. This cedi notes were introduced in July, 1965 by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to replace the Ghanaian Pounds, shilling and pence.

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