We Will Still Vote For Nana Even If He Doesn’t Employ Us permanent – NABCO Trainees.(More)


Following the inauguration of the NPP manifesto (dubbed: Leadership of Service) for the next term in office, held on the 22nd day of August 2020, in the Central Region, the executives of NABTAG have come across several reactions from section of NABCO beneficiaries expressing their disappointment for not hearing H.E the president, Nana Addo Dankwa, and his able Vice, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, address the prospect of the soon-to-end three-year NABCO contract in their introductory speech.

NABTAG wishes to urge NABCO beneficiaries not to be discouraged, because the actual policies and programs spelt out in the manifesto document were not holistically touched on. The speech delivered by the president and his vice featured few excerpts from the detailed projects outlined in the manifesto. 

NABCO is one of the special initiatives established by the Akufo Addo-led NPP administration under job creation of direct supervision by the office of the president. The absence of NABCO in their introductory address does not automatically map out to non-existent considerations for permanent employment after the expiration of the current three-year work and learn scheme. 

The NABCO initiative was not envisaged in the 2016 manifesto document of the NPP, but, today, we have 100,000 graduate youth securing their future through the scheme. The manifesto specifies, in general, broader policy objectives to direct the administration of government, out of which the actual implementation plan emerges along the way. 

The prospect of NABCO beneficiaries regarding permanent employment may have not been “facially” mentioned, but that does not abrogate the immediate direct connection to the bigger policy for job creation which was stated in the manifesto. For emphasis, page 180 of the manifesto, details the reinforcements of all government programs to create Jobs for the youth.Β 

Note: “…….we believe we need to accelerate the participation of young Ghanaians in the economy through entrepreneurship and industry. We intend to do this by reinforcing all the existing programmes we have implemented to create jobs and support young entrepreneurs, while mainstreaming their participation in new initiatives.”

In addition, NABTAG’S letter of petition on behalf of trainees has also been recieved by the presidency through the Ashanti Regional Minister. This will enforce, amongst other avenues, the leadership consideration for permanent employment. 

Furthermore, the engagement term of NABCO has not yet elapsed, thus, let us focus on executing our respective duties in our places of work as Nation Builders in anticipation of a favorable prospect from the leadership of the NPP government. 

Do not be discouraged; the Akufo Addo-led NPP administration will not let its guard down on securing the future of the youth through job creation.

Caution: 1. Desist from taking clues on permanent employment from bloggers. The main source of authentic information must be the National Secretariat of NABCO, not blogging websites

2. Since we are at the climax period of campaign for all political parties ahead of the general elections in December, delusions are all over, especially, from the opposition. We have a lot of people parading themselves as NABCO trainees on the various platforms engaging the genuine ones in belittling the NABCO scheme. Let us be mindful of such individuals blinded by partisan politics to face issues with genuine conscience. Guess what, it wouldn’t be ideal to pay attention to such persons whose presidential candidate finds OKADA business better than NABCO.

Also, there is news hitting social media that from next week, the NABCO portal will be opened for all trainees to apply for permanent employment. And I think this is a good news to all personnel of NABCO. Thus why I said from the beginning that this government will never disappoint or fail NABCO trainees.

In fact, come December 7, 2020, kindly vote “4 more to do more”.

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