We are waiting for Clearance from Ministry of Finance to make NABCO permanent: Ashanti Reginal Coordinator

In an interview with the Ashanti regional Coordinator – Denise Kwakwa at Kesben FM, he was asked if the rumors that the government says he will be opening the Portal to all Nabco trainees to make them permanent was true.

He said when the president launched Nabco in 2018 in the great Hall in kumasi, the main goal was to make unemployed graduates have experience which has been the main excuse of the institutions who aren’t employing them. So the government brought up the program to make these trainees have experience.

The second goal was to make trainees upgrade themselves in courses they read especially in ICT, the government had a partnership with Kofi Annan Institute and an Indian institution for an E-learning process. The program included a diploma course which costs $500 – $600, the government made it available for all Nabco trainees to enroll on the courses to get a diploma certificate which is recognized nation wide.

The stated “Nabco will be 2 years today, the government and Nabco management are convinced that most of the people posted to both public and private sectors have experience now to convince the Leaders of these institutions to recruit these trainees.

He also stated “We can’t say we can’t give Nabco trainees a permanent job because most government institutions have requested for NABCO Trainees. GES during the double track system employed teachers who are NABCO Trainees. Ghana health service also employed nurses who choose the Heal Ghana module. The government says the program is 3years but we have just a year left. So we are to make preparation to make sure they are permanent since we can’t release them into the unemployment pool again. So we have what we called Exit-Part- Ways meaning what next after the 3 years. There are several categories.

Firstly, the trainees who were posted to the various institutions both public sector and the private sector and will like to be retained in these institutions.

Secondly there are trainees who like to start up their own businesses when given the start ups. So if a trainee states that he/she want to get into enterprenurship, the government will make sure these individuals receive between Ghs 20,00 and above to start up their own businesses. Those with nice proposals which can even employ lets say 10 trainees, the government can invest Ghs 100,00 and over through the intervention of the government’s partnership with NAP and MASLOG to fund these busines proposals.

The government will be giving scholarships to some Trainees who want to further their education due to their sacrifice in the program.

The rumors are true, the portal will be opened next week starting from Monday. Across all the districts in Ghana, NABCO will start a training with the aim of training these Trainees to build a profile or CV which will be guided.
An international standard has been issued on the portal. So the training will be on how to log in and to be able to know how to fill in the relevant details. After these the MIPs who are in charge of this will extract the information and access it to see which available job suits a trainee or which sector does suits a trainee.

For about 2 months the president and the minster of finance have been in talks to issue a clearance for at least about 50% of NABCO Trainees which is 50,000 trainees to be employed in the public sector. They are also in talks with the private sector to also give a percentage of the trainees they need and their requirements.

He stated “we are hoping have the clearance from the ministry of finance so the trainees will be employed permanently at the end of the 3 years.
If the clearance comes by December, they are not going to wait till October the following year to start work.

Graduates who are done with National Service and wants to join the program will be accepted after the trainees have been employed.

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