My First Nickname Was Condom – McBrown Narrates How She Earned it.

Popular actress Nana Ama McBrown has revealed that she earned her first nickname condom.

McBrown said that before she was known as Mc Brown, her colleagues called her condom.

She said it was actor Fred Amugi who gave her that name when she started at an armed robber’s girlfriend in her very first movie which was titled That Day.

The called Nana Ama, McBrowm said, the owner of Miracle film had invited me to take specific role after the one who was supposed to play that role did not come that day.

Apparently, the directors had seen her good performance as a costumier and believed she could do well in acting too, and so, they found in her a better option. β€œFred Amugi gave me that name. When he was asked to give me a name, she said looking at my role and behaviour, condom is fine for you. Since then, I became known as condom before McBrown,” Nana Ama narrated.

Meanwhile, Nana Ama had revealed some years back that McBrown is not her actual name, but it was a name suggested by one of her aunty’s husband whom she lived with.

According to her, the uncle saw she had some talents as an actress and suggested she got a “nice” name for her career.

Her real name is Felicia Nana Ama Agyemang.

She has also trended in the news following a statement she made that she would not tolerate it if a teacher touch her daughter Baby Maxin in anyway.

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