Must Read:Ghanaians Will Forever Remember Kumawood Actor Lil-Wayne For The Following Purposes.

Top Trending Kwadwo Nkansah Lil Wayne songs. With the fast paced industry, Kwadwo Nkasah Lil Wayne songs are not left behind when the best songs are ranked. Music and entertainment has evolved to become a crucial component of most people’s lives. It is not only soothing but also entertaining stress relieving and a go-to console when nothing else works. This being said it is evident that music plays a crucial part in today’s society. Even so, the diversity in the music genres and history cannot be taken for granted. With new artists coming on board, the music industry is becoming vibrant and entertaining for most. There is always something for everyone in music especially if you like to keep up with what’s trending. Kwadwo Nkansah commonly known as Lil Win is a prominent comic actor in Kumahood and has featured in several movies in Ghana. His part in the different movies which he had prayed has made him popular not only in Ghana but the entire length of Africa. Nevertheless, Lil Win’s fame is not limited to his comic acting career. He is also a known musician having released several hit songs in Ghana. Some of his art work includes the following: A brief look on the top new songs in Ghana and recordings August 2020 1. Lil Win-Mama boss papa As a local Ghanaian, you cannot get relaxed or get out of stress if you have not listened to Mama boss papa by Kwadwo Nkansah. It’s one of the most interesting lyrics ever released by Lil Win. The song attracted a greater mass of audience because of its strong message. Almost certainly that this popular lyrics was singing abilities proof for the multi-talented comic actor, Lil Wins. It was one of the best-selling songs in 2017 however the song is as yet reaping higher sells from the internet till date. Because of its popularity, the song has been translated into two languages, English and Russia. Lil Win Mama boss papa is generally known in Ghana and is now hitting international market after being translated in English. The song is available in YouTube as MP3 and MP4 formats. Don’t miss this, watch it from YouTube. 2. Lil Win-Ladder Lil Win Ladder lyric was released on 3rd June 2017. It was produced by Slo Dreezy in Ghanaian local language. The song is a collaboration which has featured Odehyie Ba of Ghana. Ladder is classified among the most prominent hit songs by Lil Win 2017. It’s available as MP3 and MP4 on YouTube. You can therefore conclude either to watch the video on YouTube, or download video or audio for later entertainment. Subscribe to watch new recordings 3. Lil Win-One corner One corner is yet another prominent lyric which was written and recorded in Ghananian local language. It was done by Lil Win and Patapapa and is now reaping great sells in the music industry. Patapapa played a crucial function in writing and recording this lyric. One corner is one of the most interesting songs with a message that makes it worth listening to. Top trending Strongman songs of all time Subscribe to watch new recordings READ ALSO: 4. Lil Win Corner Ghana Lil Wayne and Top Kay decided to silence the crowds on the controversial issues on the lyric ” one corner” by releasing a hit called corner. The song became popular shortly after being released and became one of the best-selling songs for Lil Win. Some fans had argued that Lil Win had stolen the lyrics from an upcoming artist, Patapapa who only featured in the song. This song reached out to a greater majority in Ghana. He was doing this song to substantiate himself right which he didn’t disappoint. The numbers of perspectives and uploads on YouTube is proof of this. Subscribe to watch new recordings 5. Lil Wine – Obumpa Among all Lil Win songs, Obumpa moved as one of the finest lyrics by Lil Win in the last quarter of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. The lyric was a collaboration which featured top Kay and stream king Stone. Other team members of boss nation music also played an important part in this

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