“I broke my virginity through rape at age 27” Gospel musician Selina Boateng reveals.

Selina Boateng, a popular Ghanaian musician, whose name has changed to Selina Berchie, due to her recent marriage has disclosed something about her life, which readers will find interesting. Before you proceed, kindly click on the follow button above, Thank You.

During an interview with Abeiku Aggrey Santana, on Atuu, a program aired on the United Television every Saturday, this Saturday’s edition was focused on Selina Boateng, and she disclosed some few things about herself.

Surprising among all that she revealed is, she lost her virginity at age 27. And that would not have happened, because she was raped. She disclosed this all during the interview. She was asked by Abeiku Aggrey Santana, the host of the show, if, in any case, she reported the perpetrator to the police or any authority. Selina indicated that she did not, and forgot about it all.

But one effect it had on her was, she started to fear men, due to what she encountered. Another thing she revealed during the show is, at age 36, she has not given birth, but she is yet to. She also indicated that she is willing to give birth to 12 children. “But why?”, she was asked by Abeiku Santana, host of the program. All she said was, she has love for children, and she feels happy when she is around children.

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