‘ let bygones be bygones’. Well you might have made some mistake in the past . You have dreaded that mistake till now. ☹️. You are allowing that mistake to pull you away from the things you can do best 😏. That mistake you made, you are letting it eat you up. Just know that ” you are not the only, who regrets the things you’ve done but sometimes you just feel it’s only you and all you do is watch and cry”. Yes sometimes you feel that. That mistake is driving you away from your future. It is discouraging you from moving forward ☹️. It is time to wake up and fight the past. You have come to far to give up now. Don’t get worried because you lost and close treasure 😔. That is how life goes. ” Highs and lows”. If you can’t let go of the past, just restrategize everything. . If you had lost hope because of what happened I’m the past, you gotta bring back the lost hope you gotta get up and make a move. For what is ahead,what the future holds for you , it’s much bigger than what happened in the past. Don’t let the past be the stumbling block in your bright future life. You have to overcome the past you have to fight it. . . If what you are doing now, in the present time is what would determine your future, what have the past got to do with your future 😕. You are more than you think you are. You gotta pull up yourself together. Just tell yourself it’s okay. I am done letting the past overcome come me. Wipe the tears and change to a new life and start a fresh life😊🙂. I won’t let the past be a stumbling block in my life.. always say this to yourself. ” I will forget the past” , ” Deal with the present and focus on the future”. 😊🤗. Now focus on the future and forget about the past. # inspiring # motivating. Share to friends and give them a sense of welcome today. Thanks 🤗🤗🙂

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