Spitting vibes has been a very common thing served as a prerequisite for all guys to engage properly with ladies whom they hope to have a “close” relationship with. The erotic to and fro, of course, is a must-know for all guys to be able to “vibe” their ladies well. If one lacks the sweet tongue to cream a lady up, then he better be prepared to be zoned in the zone.

Ladies on the other hand, like to be pampered and have their heads made wet with all sorts of sweet tongues but come to think of it: do they (both ladies and guys) ever think of the depth of these vibes when it comes to reality?

For example:
I will die for you: didn’t Jesus already do that? More so, if you die for her, where would you be to love her?

My love for you is unconditional: yet when she stops stimulating you, you disengage from her like a stranger.

I can’t live without you: well, this may fall in line with “you’re the air that I breathe and you’re my world” but if I’m to divert from the serenaded world, I believe guys would be breaking the heart of oxygen which has been with us since birth.

I bet there are many more said than these. However, honestly, we can all let these slide because a lot goes on when we’re deep in love and can’t really think straight but again, most of these exaggerated clichés are now becoming the reasons why girls snob guys though the aforementioned vibes aren’t literal at all.

Let me know your thoughts on this. If there’s more to add, feel free to drop them in the comment section. If you disagree, also feel free to do same and don’t forget to share.

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