How can we ever think to skip the one living creation that blames guys for all sorts of faults? In my previous post, I treated your eyes and minds to the common yet funnily true topic which centered on guys and their “vibes”. Well, this time, ladies get to have their share; and we’re not talking vibes – No! we’re talking about the two questions usually posed at guys, that jerk our heads back – literally.

The first question, common to both “friend-zoned” and “non-friend-zoned” guys is:

Are you free? To guys, this may look like a trap question to find out if you’re single or not but it always ends up in ways we least anticipate. Ways that lead to the second question.

Can you please do me a favour? Let’s ignore the politeness for now and actually consider the depth and heaviness of this question. It may seem like the approach I used to begin with this, is a little exaggerating but I speak from experience. Many would testify to the fact that girls have NEEDS but some of their needs aren’t usually soft (as in, easy to attend to). So when they ask us this question, we know that we’re up to take a cross. Already, their demanding nature gives off the idea that what they may ask for may lie within or beyond the power of our strengths or wallets.

A bonus to this piece is one I’ve heard many a time from friends: we need to talk. Although this is not a question, it still bears a striking depth that can cause a “kill-me-now” reaction or a “hands-over-my-head” reaction. This message usually keeps guys wondering what they might have done or what is it that they (ladies) want. However, the feeling differs in every relationship. If you’re a single guy with a female friend who sent you this message, then I bet it’s something that she wants. On the other hand, if you’re in an intimate relationship with a female and she sends you this message, then you might as be biting your nails……LOL!

There are lots of other heart-pounding questions that ladies pose to guys but they may all differ with regards to the kind of relationship we have with them. Maybe, there’s a stronger or heart-pounding one that I left out. Why don’t you share with me in the comment section?

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