“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet” Aristotle. The politicians are somehow and sometimes not ready to take the advantage of the bitter side of political education for us to know more of our rights. Political symposiums and education only become important during election times and compaigns. To them, knowing your rights especially legal rights, and social rights are like poison because if they think about you, will they hire the youth to participate in event that bri hings political disorder and violence during election? They always want to be in power so they can rule over you through their selfish interest. To excel higher than them, they would rather cut the rope of achievement and success so that you might not get closer to them. They always enjoy the fruit of sweetness through your vote, even sometimes through illegal means just in the name of power, they could not do this themselves but the youth suffers.Why don’t think about us? Why do they always want to rule us through their selfish interest?

Election is not violent, neither bloodshed nor a war, vote peacefully as a good citizen of the land. Corruption, bribery, and many more are the root cause of electoral violence and most at times, we the youth are used as the tools and equipments to electoral disorder. Good governance and policies that may enrich today, tommorow and and future development is what we might seek to vote for but not for a mere political beliefs.

Tribalism is one major cause of political difference that means we should not vote based on tribes but rather the quality, good governance and capabilities. To exercise your franchise as a good citizen, electoral violence and disorder should get rid off our minds. Even though the roads we are tramping on to the election field is untarred but the way to a good reputation as the sons and daughters of the land is to endeavor to be what we desire to appear. To the youth, our lives matter, altogether, and the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance as quoted by Socrates. We must possess knowledge, the only path to eliminate electoral violence. There is no difference between the educated and the uneducated as to the living and the dead, and we the youth should learn on our own or from our colleagues to limit the ignorance of our time.

Street boys and girls, beggers at the road side, truck pushers, the youth hustlers, those below the ages of eighteen who registered to vote, and many more, who by and other reasons vote for money do so because of political influence and they should remember after that their life still remains the same because they have sold their power of achievement in their various towns , cities and villages for money. That money they would collect should be rather used for developmental purposes not for their private gains and businesses.

It is my wish that we might know what we vote for, why we vote and seek to plan our nation for the betterment of the next generation. Free, fair and transparent election are the results we also wished for. Integrity must prevail, election free, fair and transparency we hope to have.

TO THE YOUTH: OUR LIVES MATTER; “until we heal the wounds of our past, we’re going to bleed. We can bondage the bleeding with sex, cigarettes, drugs, food, work but it will eventually and gradually ooze through and stain. Find strength to open the wounds, stick your hands deep inside and pull out the core of the pain that is holding you in your past, the memories and make peace with it. Life is a journey, that can take us many years to cover. Somedays are filled with laughter and somedays are filled with tears. There will be somedays when sadness will leave and smile reappear. To be better than a rotten lime, be precious like a time waging war as a soldier on a Battle field, you must fight yourself only if you want to be out of the boxing ring” Daud. Remember that, “an education obtain with money is worse than no education at all” Socrates. Put your feet in the ground and stand firm when voting and remember also that your vote is your power. Thank you.

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