Are you a social media freak or an online person who wishes to be online 24/7 but cannot due to bundle problems? Or are you that type who finds no difficulty in buying bundle but is more concerned about how exorbitant some bundle prices are and how rapid it finishes? If you are, then this article is definitely for you.

Now for the enlightenment, do you know there’s a bundle package that gives you 500mb and it’s worth just 70 pesewas? Do you know it’s non expiry as well?…..No, you say? Here is the trick;

Oh I forgot to mention, this is for android and MTN users, better luck next time…Now back to the trick;

  • Dial *567# to start your mashup
  • mashup for yourself
  • Option 1 for 1 cedis
  • choose 2 to enter preferred amount
  • In the preferred amount section dial 0.07
  • after receiving the bundle
  • repeat step (5), 10 times(or more)

Note that, the bundle allocated to you is strictly for WhatsApp, and cannot be used for any other purpose but…. In this article, I will teach you how to use this bundle for browsing on other platforms.

# Install EC Tunnel vpn from your play store and open it.

# Select the country you want to connect to. Use South Africa or any country of your choise

# Next, choose a plan, which is GH all networks social bundle .

# lastly, tap on the EC Tunnel logo and wait till it connects

NB. If you are having problems connecting, kindly change the country you selected earlier till it finally connects.

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