EPL returns this weekend with a lot of BIG games.

Premier League

The English Premier League which is considered to be one of the most exciting leagues returns this weekend. Arguably the Premier league is the best and most watched or streamed among other top European leagues. The 2020/2021 season kicked off on Saturday 12 September was brought to a pause for international break. The international break is over and the most exciting league hits your screens this weekend.

The EPL which tops trends over the weekend comes with a lot of interesting packages across social media. It comes with banters, trolls, happiness and sadness, all that depends on your favourite team’s performance. The league has millions of fans all over the world.

The EPL which is based on promotion and regulation at the end of the season has been on the mind of fans, wondering and hoping it returns fast. The league is played between 21 clubs contesting for the premier league trophy.

The weekend comes with interesting fixture like: the Merseyside derby as Everton is hosting Liverpool on Saturday at Goodison park at 11:30am. Another Big game is the clash between The Citizens and The Gunners. Manchester City welcomes Arsenal at Etihad Staduim on the same Saturday night at 4:30pm.

Other interesting matches are Chelsea vs Southampton which will kick off at 2pm and Newcastle vs Manchester United at 7pm. Fans all over the world are hoping their team retain their current form and also the worst side improve their form.

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