5 Kumerica photos that prove that Kumasi is truly Ghana’s version of America

One of the very recent trends in Ghana currently is the Kumerica trend which aims to equate the United States of America to Ghana’s very own Ashanti region. The trend seems to have taken a very serious turn as many people who hail from the region as well as Ghanaians in general, have tapped into it. Many young people, especially males who hail from the region have taken it upon themselves to speak some Locally Acquired Foreign Accent (LAFA). As part of the trend, one would have to learn gestures of gangs in the North American country so as to appear as hardcore. The trend also comes with the display of wads of cash, drinks and colorful disposable cups. Ways to dress to prove one is from Kumerica would include wearing faded and tattered jeans, allow the jeans to sag, wear expensive jewelry and drive in expensive cars.

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