Lessons From The Right Intention


From the beautiful Hadith regarding the right intention, embedded in it are lots of lessons we can imbibe into our lives.
The Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, starts the hadith with the principle (“Actions are judged by intentions”) and then gives three examples. This is the methodology of the Prophet, sallallahu
‘alayhi wasallam. The examples help illustrate the principle so that it is easier for people to
understand and they can apply the principle to other similar situations.
The three examples consist of one of good intention (migration for the sake of Allah and His
Messenger) and two of bad intentions (migration for the sake of worldly gains or for marriage).
This hadith emphasises ikhlas (sincerity – to be truthful and honest to Allah alone, performing an act solely for Allah’s sake whereby no other witness except Allah is sought). Ikhlas is one of the
conditions of accepting good deeds. The other condition is that the actions must be done in
accordance with the Shariah as it will be explained in the fifth hadith.
This can be seen in the shahadah :
 “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah” is the ikhlas – ensuring that we do things
for the sake of Allah and Allah alone.
 “I bear witness that Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah” – the Sunnah is the
manifestation of the Quran – the Prophet, sallallahu ‘alayhi wasallam, is our example, our
best model to follow. Following his Sunnah in our ibadah, Akhlaq (ethics), and Muamalat
(dealings) ensures that we are acting in accordance with the Shariah.
Thus, the shahadah shows us the conditions for accepting a deed or performing an action: (a) it should be for the sake of Allah because He is the only One we worship, and (b) it should be in
accordance with the Shariah.

Hope these evidences are enough to satisfy you. If you think they are not still enough, follow me keenly and get before you other equally thirst quenching evidences about the subject. In fact you can even educate others about it better than I’m doing. Be concerned about what concerns you yet seek knowledge, for ignorance is a prison wherein the inmates are those who are reluctant when it comes to seeking knowledge. When you learn, you lead others aright and save them from captivity. But you don’t just learn anything, you seek beneficial knowledge and wisdom from the right sources with the proper ethics. Look for the write up on ethics of seeking knowledge. And as usual, when you sleep over the bed of heedlessness in your youth, then be sure to tread on the path of regret during old age. Let me hasten to reiterate that seeking knowledge frees you from the captivity and prison of ignorance and darkness. So my good friends, brothers and sisters in Islam, seek beneficial knowledge and wisdom with the correct ethics, aiming to benefit society with the knowledge and hoping for reward from the Almighty Allah. Laziness is very attractive to ignorance, so wherever there is laziness in the quest for knowledge, be certain to find ignorance married happily to Mr. laziness, making a perfect couple with darkness as their residence. Corrections, criticisms and the like are welcome as usual. They keep me on my toes and on the look out for much information. Since information is key in this day and age

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