Photo of 7 year old Ghanian boxer who hurls over 150 punches within a minute

There is a saying that goes “A child who is a prospective car owner in future, starts asking the price of a car tyre at his tender age” and Prince Larbie happens to be a vivid epitome of this adage.

Prince Larbie is a 7 year old child boxing talent in Ghana. He is otherwise known as Prince “The Buzz” Larbie and he is an inspiration for new hope of the future of boxing in the country.

The young boxing talent who hails from the boxing villages in Ghana, James Town and Bukuom has great prowess and amazing speed in his punches. 

The boxing prodigy at his age is able to hurl over 150 punches in a minute at a very swift pace. This quality of him earned him the nickname, “The buzz”.

His father, Daniel Larbie became his official trainer when the talented young boxer showed interest in boxing at the age of three.

Prince “The Buzz” Larbie yearns to coming the WBC champion in future and there is no two ways about that because he has started reigning in juvenile boxing in Ghana.

In the next generation to come, there is no iota of doubt that “The Buzz” is going to dominate the world of boxing like the likes of Anthony Joshua, Floyd Mayweather, Isaac Dogboe are dominating now

Photos of Prince “The buzz” Larbie

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