Full Video: Gay couple gets stuck during sex

Full Video: Gay couple gets stuck during sex

Sometimes it is very sad to see the youths perishing. Whiles others are busily thinking about their day to day affairs, others too are busily planning evil. Such people are fools especially if you are a youth.

The devil is using the youths of nowadays too much. We have been given power to control the deceitfulness of the devil. Meaning the youths of today rather go and follow the devil.

Whiles we are condemning adultery, prostitution and all sorts of immoral sexual acts, some foolish people are not even paying heed to this but they are ignorantly practicing homosexuality. Two fine gentlemen having sex thus one male pretending to be a lady.

In the video, there is a saying that sin cannot be hidden; whatever you are doing in the darkness will surely reveal itself to the world one day so you better stop. It seems they have been doing this gay act for a long time but that faithful day, the Lord punished them.

They were enjoying themselves when they eventually got stucked. A pastor was called in to help.

Watch the full video below

Gay couple gets stucked during sexual intercourse

This is a disgrace to all youths who engage in that awful act.

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