Justice Agyekum- El Lizato.

😂Quotes of Justice Agyekum.😂

Justice Agyekum – El Lizato is the greatest philosopher of our time . 
Currently, he’s working at Abusua FM 96.5
He lives in Kumasi .

I love his quotes and there it follows ;

If you want respect, make money . Nobody is interested in your age 

Be careful who you tell your secrets, because nowadays people buy friendship why bother people’s secrets 

A typical Ghanaian prefers a bad leader from their tribe to a good leader from another tribe 

Failing an exam alone is sad but failing with friends is a different level of happiness 

No matter how well you speak Grammar S3 As3m no shi wo paa a you’ll curse in Twi

No mater how talented you’re, not everyone is going to like you . That’s life .

That flower on top of the casket must be thrown up to see who’s next just as in a wedding.

Ugly people will see you and frown their faces as if you knew something about their creation .

Africans will buy a new phone, throw away the instruction book and then start asking how it’s operates.

Now , ugly girls cheat in relationships
Signs of end time .

No girl is ugly. It’s just that some of them take after  their father.

If you have attended 100 weddings and you are still single , you are not different from any canopy

How will racism end if white earphones are louder than black earphones 

Continue saying all men are players until you marry the coach 

If the girl you are dating don’t cry when you wrong her , don’t marry her . She’s cheating 

I’ll never close my eyes during kissing 
I lost my  money 

No girl has pimples on social media 
What a wonderful God!

The same society that pressured you into getting married will laugh at you when your marriage goes wrong .

I slept with 2567 MB and woke up with 20MB . Did I download my dreams from YouTube ?

You will find a rich guy having V8 with no girlfriend but will find a broke guy with a woofer and Techno smart with 6 girls .

After my first breakup,  I stopped talking to my mom for 3 days when she asked what’s wrong ? I said all girls all the same .

Condom is now 3 pieces instead of 4 and nobody is saying anything. They even reduced the oil.

Is there any medicine called KISS ? I saw many of it in pharmacy shops today . Please what kind of sickness does it cure ?

Sometimes I feel like setting down with 1 girl but the problem is who will take care of the rest ?

After smokers, the next people who are liable to die young are those who don’t mind their own business.

Suffering today doesn’t mean you have a brighter future. Life is not a Nigerian movie.

Your ugliness is beyond makeup .

If you read El Lizato’s quotes and you don’t laugh , you need a job .

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