Woow Gorgeous! Take a look at these pictures of Moesha.

Moesha is one of the most popular models in Ghana. She started modeling when she was at her secondary level of education (Senior High School).  After Moesha accomplished he secondary level of education, she continued her studies at the University of Ghana.

Moesha was born in the year 1990 on the 10th of March. Apart from modeling, Moesha is an actress and a television presenter. Moesha was born in Kumasi (Ashanti region of Ghana). Her stunning looks always attract more people towards her.

Moesha has over five thousand three and ninety (5,390) followers on her Instagram page. Moesha has a net worth of $3,500. She has gained her popularity through her modeling and acting career in Ghana.

Her picture always goes viral due to her beautiful looks.

Take a look at these stunning images of Moesha.

These images prove that Moesha is said to be one of the most beautiful women in Ghana.

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