KUMERICAN: Some selected fun facts about Kumerica.

All hail the excellent public of Kumerica. increasingly wondered how the handle came about? Well, the honor ‘Kumerica’ has been trending on common media every one of week.

According to collective media trends, natives of the Ashanti state in half a shake mean to be established as Kumericans.

That’s not only this minute it, the total Ashanti locality universally recognized as Oseikrom is at the moment referred to as the United States of Kumerica, USK for short.

“Kumerica to the world, they can’t war with us!,” the motto of this new state.

Here isselected fun facts about Kumerica:

Kumerican Passport

Information getting us has it that here is an alleged angry hurry for the Kumerican passport.

You cannot link by hand as a Kumerican if you don’t bare this passport.

Kumerican ice cream

A female was seen in Kumasi instantly ‘Kumerica’ classify her ice cream creation with ‘KUMERICAN ice cream’.

Kumerican signboard

Kumerica billboard shows a nice comfortable into the Kumerica land, in black and white as ‘Welcome to KUMERICA’.

Kumerican Shs in American

Kumericans retain branded their shs in american.

Kumerican logo

Their logo shows their report of USA -United states of Asante.

Kumerican locality in American

All locality in Kumerican contain been branded in American.

kumerican dressing

Mostly, they dress in a bigger english dress. some of the Ghanaian celebrity like Yaw Dabo, Don Little etc are also proud Kumerican as they have shown their dressing on their instagram page.

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