Bad news hit the NDC today in the central region

Bad news for the NDC.

As the elections are approaching, political events are doing all what they are able to to win the choose from citizens. Others use cash whiles others use food objects. It very sad when an incompetent political birthday party illegally steals the power of a voter via some small money.Others even try to pressure underage children to check in and vote for them, once they have given them a few sum of money.

This practice isn’t always safe at all. Have you ever concept about why the NDC and NPP nonetheless reign within the country for almost thirty years now?It simple, those events are the wealthy events in the united states of america. They will fail their promises but when elections technique, they effortlessly buy votes for themselves.

Nowadays being the 19th day of September in 2020, the NDC has been hit through a unhappy information that is in all likelihood to carry down the NDC power in that constituency. The aspiring MP, Dr Rashid Etuaful in his normal campaigning, went to a 5 joined funeral in the Ajumako district. He turned into given the platform to mention anything he desire to say.After his speech, one of the elders of Ajumako Ba requested that, lavatory facility has been the hassle of the society for a totally long term.

The modern MP Hon Ato Forson has installed one for them however it has stayed uncompleted for approximately three years for now.Dr Rashid upon listening to this promised them that, inside two weeks, he’s going to make sure the city has a rest room facility. The elders then prolonged the time to one month and promised him that, if he’s capable of fulfill his promise, then balloting for him might not be a problem.

If he’s able to do that undertaking, then the NDC need to overlook that seat inside the principal place. Rashid may additionally take the seat.However in spite of this, you need to vote wisely. Don’t let all people purchase your vote.

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