Habibulllah’s Love Story! SEASON 3


A year passed and they made it to form 2. In form 2, Habibulllah and Rafia were in different classes. That was when Habibulllah made a new friend call Umar. Umar was a hard guy but he was generous. Habibulllah and Umar got along so well. Time passed by and things begun to change. Umar happened to have meet Rafia one time. Not knowing Umar develop a chemistry for her. Umar never told Habibulllah about his feelings for Rafia and vice versa.

On third term vacation day in form 2, Emmanuel came to Habibulllah and told him “Bro, I sense something off with Umar. I think he is in love but I can’t tell with who.” Habibulllah overlooked it and didn’t take it serious. Umar later told Habibulllah he brought a gift for Rafia. Habibulllah was happy for Rafia but it didn’t occur to him that Rafia could be the girl Umar is in love with. It was closing time when Habibulllah and Emmanuel went home as usual. Habibulllah was in the house when he had a call from Umar. Umar said “N doo (My Friend), the gift I bought for the girl I can’t give it to her. Can you help me by being the one to give it to her?” Habibulllah took it upon himself to come back to school just to present the gift to her. Will Habibulllah be bold enough to tell her after giving the gift to her?

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