Our youthful age comes with lots of opportunities and amazing encounters. We often focus just on a few aspects of those amazing opportunities like relationships or picture our future but never get there as we age. We then begin to run out of time but things never get better nor easy.

I shudder whenever I hear people say, there is no need to plan. On the contrary, your success in life is guaranteed by the amount of planning you put into your life and the need to realize the existence of a supernatural being I call God [ Allah, spiritual intelligence etc.]. Some few thoughts I believe will help you get to wherever you want to be are briefly discussed in this piece. Mind you they are simple practices but will usher you gradually higher levels of life.

  1. Learn and accept who you truly are.

This is funny right? The biggest guarantee of success no matter your field in life is first learning about yourself and accepting who you are. Have you ever sat down alone to ask yourself some questions like; who I’m I, what’s the meaning of my name, what’s my purpose on earth? Etc. These are basic things my dear but I tell you if you really spend time with yourself, you will be better off than you are today.

“Many of us spend so much time with others that we barely know ourselves” said T.D Jake. Mind you, spending useful moments is very important especially with friends and love ones but sometimes we waste too much of our time trying to be like those same friends, celebrities etc. and we forget that we are also humans ourselves designed for a purpose. This even go a long way to destroy to-be great people. This makes us slaves to our fellow humans. [ grade two slavery]

For instance, your friends are in relationships, you know you aren’t ready for that and you jump into one. In some of our relationships too, we want it to be like the movies we watch. Relax dearies and get the necessary resources and do it more than they do in movies. Share ideas, take a walk, share your troubles, plans etc. make your relationship useful as you plan towards marriage in the future.

Never engage in intimacy, it mortgages your future even when things aren’t working or the person is not yours. Intimacy should never be part of the plan and when you sense your partner going that direction and crossing the boundaries, don’t hesitate to walk out.

2.Always be sincere with yourself no matter the circumstance

Many don’t realize this but the moment you start being sincere with and to yourself, that’s the moment you identify the real you and help improve yourself. Its not easy at the start but with constant efforts it become effortless.

3.Plan your life.

This one seems hilarious. Sitting down with a pen and paper to plan your life is not a one-day affair but it’s very simple with short- and long-term goals. Few questions to help you are

  • Where do I want to be in the next ten years?
  • How do I get there?
  • Who are the caliber of persons I need to get there etc.?

4.Develop a habit of reading

Many hate the subject reading. It’s funny we just want to jump into life and start performing magic either in business, academics, job, etc. its not easy to sit down to take a book worth 600 pages to read a day but what if you divide that 600 by 30 days and finish one book every month. It requires discipline and humility.

Motivational speeches are just motionless speeches if you don’t discipline yourself in sincerity. Education doesn’t end with graduation and mind you; the job market is different from the regular alphabets we learn in the class room. One may at this moment ask, where do I get the extra knowledge I need? They are in books no academic teacher will tell you to learn.

5.Invest in yourself and others while you are young

How do I invest in myself? Keep your mind active by simple physical exercise, meditation, productive relationships, learning new skills, and trying every opportunity. I mean every opportunity to learn something new and useful.

Invest in others by making them feel good about who they are and helping them do things that will shape their lives. I don’t mean you should be giving false compliments; I mean you should appreciate people for who they are and love them unselfishly. Share your new findings, never try to gather all to yourself, you will might go through but you won’t get far.

Let me hear your comments for improvement in my next series, help share if this is useful. Stay safe.

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