Without Me Never NDC Can Take The Mantle; Former President Rawlings Declares

last time Former President Rawlings has been on an NDC campaign trail was in 2008 when the late President Mills defeated the current president. After that, he went on the attack against the Mills’ administration mainly because they failed to prosecute the seemingly corrupt appointees of the Kufour’s administration. This turned a lot of the NDC folks against their founder and their relationship nose-dived from then.
Since then, the NDC went on to win the 2012 election narrowly without the input of the Rawlingses. Many NDC folks after the 2012 elections believed they could do without him and will be fine. But the fact is that, the NDC won sympathy votes due to the passing of the late President Mills and that election was not a good guage of measuring how strong the NDC could be without their founder. He went on his crusade of criticising the Mahama administration even though he participated in a few public events of the administration. His public criticism granted the opposition a lot of ammunition which were used against the NDC in 2016.

It could be recalled that prior to the 2016 elections, the then opposition leader Nana Akuffo-Addo paid a courtesy call on the former president to seek his blessing in the upcoming elections. That was a great propaganda tool for the opposition but the NDC downplayed the effect of that visit and did nothing to water it down as an endorsement of the opposition by their founder. The NPP played the sour relationship between the NDC and its founder to their advantage and went on to win the elections convincingly. Ironically, since the NPP assumed office, the massive criticism that the MIlls and Mahama administrations suffered in the hands of Mr Rawlings ceased immediately. Even at a point, the government appointed the former first lady and wife of Mr Rawlings to lead a government delegation to the funeral of the late Winnie Mandela’s funeral. Not even this political genius act by the president send any panic signals to the NDC.

One would have thought that the NDC might have learnt some lessons from that 2016 experience and patch up with their founder and his wife prior to the 2020 elections, but it doesn’t look that way. It is rumoured that the Kwesi Botchwey Report which the NDC has kept tightly to their chest made a recommendation to do whatever it takes to get their founder back to its fold. Yet it’s two months to the election and Former President Rawlings has not been seen anywhere near the campaign. And silence they say is consent, so if Mr Rawlings has been quiet about all the shortcomings of this administration, is it not an endorsement of the NPP?

If the NDC were a serious political party serious about winning the 2020 election, why have they not done whatever it takes to get back into the good books of the former first couple? Why is the NDP, a party founded by the former first lady still in existence? Why could they not return to the former first family just like the prodigal son and admit they did wrong and move on from there? Why could they not take advantage of the membership of Hon. Zenator in the NDC to get their founder back into the party? If the saying that ‘politics is a game of numbers’ is anything to go by, why could they not do whatever it takes to get their aggrieved founder, his wife and cadres like Tony Aidoo back?
The NDC might consider Rawlings as just an individual with one vote, but his influence in Ghana politics cannot be taken for granted. If an opposition party was smart enough to acknowledge his influence and tapped into it, why can’t the ‘children’ of this great political assert not see and value that? It is just a matter of time and then the realization will dawn on them about how weak their party is without their founder and his wife. A word to the wise is enough.

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