Just about a double and a half foot tall, a height seemingly friendly to the upper part of mother earth- closely dislikeable to bumpy surfaces as it makes movement strenuous.
A ‘half man’ supposedly with a chucklesome mien to some. A walk of the Homo necrosis, like the lame practicing the ‘Thotiana dance’.
In view of the medical sciences, a condition known as achondroplasia- a genetical disorder that hinders conversion of cartilage into bones(ossification). A bit similar to a skeletal disorder-‘hypochondroplasia’. Well, leaving that to the scientists will make an ethical discussion anyway.

Despite being that friendly to the surface of mother earth, hearing the jokes of his ancestors as he is ‘closer’ to them all time, that dude still manages to outpace the so-called fully negros in his hustle, estimated to having a net worth of 10 Billion USD, with an annual income of 833 million USD. Earnings even bigger than Africa’s wealthiest man… Well, just aligning it to his own claims and the ‘worthy’ lifestyle he lives.

At least Mr. Opana ( Bra “I know my level” ) has also seen some sense in his claims when he paradoxically defended him in his recent feud with colleague negros concerning his incisal arrangement. Even in his rebattle to Mr. Opana, what he told ‘Bra I know my level’- I am sure we will be seeing sparkling smiles from him pretty soon. A smile most likely to that of the Indian god-lord Hanuman, a hair-raising smile to kids and adults. In short, the smile of the Billionaires Mafia.

A proud son of Africa with the outlook of the undefeated people, the “warlike” and the divine peace fighters. Typically dark and a height soo affable and closer to the earth. A gentle young rich neGGer ‘known’ for his prodigious expenditure on accessories. He holds the record in the African descend- a celebutante who obtained just a wristband worth 80 thousand USD.

A personality like that of the ancient Greek god Antèros- loved and cherished by all and the slay queens not just for how ‘heavy’ his pockets are, but for his quality of being amusing as well.
All hail the “biggest” Boss, the Billionaires general- the young young rich neGGer in the West.


I’m… Your Friend

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