She wants your time,
She wants to look in your eyes,
Not you looking at your screen and letting the time pass by as she sits and sighs.
She feels like she's competing with your phone for you attention,
Your love.

He's questioning everything........ Your mind is somewhere else, Come home. He feels alone on this couch, Alone at the dinner table every night, You say you care but where are you?Β  He feels like he's competing with your phone.

Can you put the phone down for five minutes and look at me? It feels like I'm competing with the device in your hand. Do you even understand how I'm feeling? I want to look in your eyes.... I feel like I'm wasting my time.

You want my time, You want to look in my eyes. I'm lost in this phone, You feel alone on the opposite side of the table, Alone on the couch. You deserve more than this. I say I care but where am I? You deserve my time, Not my excuses, Not my lies, Not my devotion to this replaceable device.

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