Politics in Ghana As Aggressive Personality

Aggressive personalities pass in opposition to different people. In their world, each person is hostile, and only the fittest and most foxy survive. Life is a jungle in which supremacy, strength, and ferocity are the paramount virtues. Although their motivation is the same as that of the compliant type, to alleviate basic anxiety, aggressive personalities never display fear of rejection. They act hard and domineering and have no regard for others. To
achieve the control and superiority so indispensable to their lives, they ought to consistently perform at a excessive level. By excelling and receiving recognition, they locate delight in having their superiority affirmed through others. Because aggressive personalities are driven to surpass others, they decide every person in terms of the gain they will get hold of from the relationship. They make no effort to appease others but will argue, criticize, demand, and do something is quintessential to achieve
and retain superiority and power. They force themselves tough to turn out to be the best.

As a result, they can also genuinely end up fairly successful in their careers, though the work itself will now not furnish intrinsic satisfaction. Like the whole lot else in their lives, work is a means to an end, not an quit in itself. Aggressive personalities might also appear assured of their abilities and uninhibited in asserting and defending themselves. However, like compliant personalities, aggressive personalities are pushed via insecurity, anxiety, and hostility.

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