Eii! Ghanains blast Wendy Shay for looking like a 78year old grandmum without a make up.

Wendy Shay`s fans became very annoyed at her when they saw her live video on Facebook without any makeups. Wendy Shay is one of the most fast rising female musician’s in Ghana. In the past years, Wendy was a nurse at Germany before she became a musician in Ghana.

Her massive fans always admire her because of her hard work towards her music career. When it comes to Wendy Shay`s popularity in Ghana, almost half of the Ghanaian’s knows her. But some days ago, Wendy Shay did something on her Facebook page which has over one thousand one hundred and twenty (1,120) followers. On her live video, it was seen that Wendy did not apply any makeups. Due to this, her looks changed.

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 Take a look at some of the reactions of Wendy Shay`s fans after she successfully uploaded her live video on Facebook.

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