Yung Kasa Arrested For Threatening Mi Amor Gh with a Gun

Ghana’s biggest Free lance and controversial blogger Yung Kasa who is the CEO of was arrested earlier today by the police for threatening to shoot Ghana’s youngest most rated blogger Mi Amor Gh who is the CEO of

Well we all know that Mi Amor and Yung Kasa have both been booked for the same program which was organized by the Same Flame Family this coming Sunday at Kasoa.However Yung Kasa issued a life threat to Mi Amor on stating clearly that he would point a gun at him om stage.

According to Yung Kasa , he says he threatened to shoot Mi Amor Gh because Mi Amor Gh dissed him openly on his verified facebook page some days ago.

Well Mi Amor Gh was live yesterday on facebook and hence stated clearly that he is not scared at all concerning Yung Kasa’s threats to him.But the police believe there is a deeper reason as to why Yung Kasa made that statement .

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