Why you should believe that God exists?

The belief in God is still not strong in the recent years and this is mostly because people don’t want to accept the fact that believes to can go through hardships and be tormented at times.

If you are a programmer you realize that the way the world is structured is not one that could purely have existed without someone behind the scenes giving instructions to each component. Like how the each will rotate each day to ensure both sides of the earth experience day and night?

A designer looks at the world as says that the world is truly beautiful each component of the earth is so diverse so developed and so beautiful that it feels like someone embedded all he wanted into them.

Still, a man will die at a point whether believing or not. But those thar don’t believe what becomes of them if what they taught vain really existed? What of believers going to face nothing, what do they have to lose? Who do you honestly think has more gains?

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