what does it mean to dream?

Not scientifically but anthropologically, I really admire people when they tell me of their dreams for their future and I really think it’s a good thing.

Well it will for one give one a reason to want to do something and yield greater effort. It is something almost everyone should have.

The concept of dreaming is tarnished these days as most people dream but don’t carry out what is intended of them to achieve those dreams. They end up persuading themselves that nature is at fault or that they were born unlucky.

They are fooled that dreaming alone can make stuff happen and decide not to work to their dreams.

Others also put their dreams over the bar and hence reject anything that falls short of what they want. Example a University grad had learnt business and wanted to be a business tycoon. He rejected most of the job opportunities that came his way, always saying “I want a job like being the head of a business institute or at least a manager of an institute”

Dreaming may be free but lets dream reasonably and act reasonably.

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