Trying to make a game but dont know where to start, let me recommend program languages to learn?

programming languages like anyother are diverse each having its best suites.

if you want to learn how to make games let me recommend you the best three such languages i know:


Ever heard of Assasins creed brotherhood, if i am mentioning this here then you get me. Yes, it was made with C # plus so much more. It can program 3D interfaces and character designs are sick plus it is compatible with almost all devices e.g. windows, android, iOS, linux, xbox and whatnot


java too has a history with games for mobiles example Temple run. It is a simple language and a one of the first access coding language so it will be easy to make games for your mobile with it.

C ++

talking MMO’s or what. Even tetris games look nice with C ++. If you want a language for 3D game design and 2D then just tag along the C ++ train

Anything to add, feel free in the comment section.

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