The Reason Why Ghanaians Prefer NDC’s Peoples Manifesto To The NPP’s.

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Afrobarometer, a reputable research think tank has made some huge revelations on the possible outcome of the December General Elections, leaving the New Patriotic Party trailing behind the the largest opposition party NDC, after both parties launched their manifestos.
After a careful scrutiny by Ghanaians, they made their decision on who’s manifesto carries valid realistic realities that will help better their lives and that of their children.

The independent online statistical data research firm, is noted for their unaligned data roll out of online poll results.

Afrobarometer critically analyze online polls and data results, liaise with credible firms to conduct clean research and also conducts research on mind bugging national and international issues. Been social, political, financial, economical etc. 

They have tipped [3] credible online polls result with their statistical data analysis attached to it as a possible outcome of the December General Election.
These includes:

From the results, it’s pointing to the fact that that the ruling government NPP and their manifesto don’t have realistic stamina to buy and convince voting Ghanaians in giving them another four years.
Afro-barometer has tipped these online polls and their outlined results to be the possible outcome of the December General Elections.
The results is tilting to the direction of the former president John Dramani Mahama and the NDC.
A fraction of Ghanaians voted during these online polls, making it questionable if these results will be the same reflection in the General Elections proper come December. Predicting the ultimate decider on who will be presiding over Ghana for another four years.
The data above is evidently towing towards the largest opposition party [NDC], leaving a question mark on the visible works of the ruling NPP.
5 Questions to ponder on
Are Ghanaians not satisfied with the works of Nana Addo?
What are Ghanaians looking forward from Nana that he has not yet delivered that has engineered a possible booting out of power?
Must Nana Addo and the NPP become worried about this polls?
Are Ghanaians looking forward to a change?
What do Ghanaians really want?
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