Poems by the King of Pessimism, Arthur Schopenhauer, you need to hear today?

“Wealth is like seas water the more you drink the thirstier you become so too is fame”

Anything good has its way of worming into your desires and making you unable to live without. Take money as an example, it will enable you purchase all you need as well as ultimately find comfort. This is definitely a good one.

“each truth passes through three different stages. First it is ridiculed. Next, it is violently opposed and lastly it is accepted as self-evident”

All facts present today and to come were and may be ridiculed because people will not know them at that time. In time it gains height and some people will begin to oppose it now more openly and blatant. Then when it is accepted people now begin to act as if that truth was already self-explanatory and that those not knowing it are ignorant.

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