Nana Addo Seriously Descends On The “Akyem Sakawa Boys” Statement Made By John Mahama-Read How He Reacted.

This is an election year in Ghana and the two major political parties are try their possible best for Ghanaians to vote for them.

Due to the power struggle, they have started speaking against each other.As a result of that the formal president of Ghana who is in the person of John Mahama posted a statement written “Akyem Sakawa Boys” since the release of this the people of Akyem are very angry at it,both chiefs, children and elderly people.

Today on Kumasi TV,the president of the republic of Ghana was interviewed live on a show called “Pae My Ka” when he was asked about the statement written on the official page of the formal president Mahama.

According to Nana Addo his fellow candidates should avoid the tribalism and retrieve some comments that can cause disaster in communities and even in the country.

Nana said, Ghana we are united and the political leaders should be careful about the kind of things they say and post on their social media handles.

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