Mysterious Postcard arrived in Michigan 100 years after it was sent: See at was sent and why

This postcard was sent in 1920 and showed up in Michigan on Tuesday.

A Michigan lady got a lifetime amazement when she went to her letter box this week – in the midst of her normal bills and garbage mail was a postcard that had been sent right around 100 years back.

Brittany Keech disclosed to that she didn’t really think about the card from the start since she was occupied with her children and her day by day hurrying around.

“I thought it was extremely particular that I was accepting a postcard since no one sends postcards any longer these days,” Keech said. “I went ‘alright, this is unique.'”

Later she saw that the card was stamped October 29, 1920. It made them belding, Michigan, address yet was kept in touch with somebody named Roy McQueen in blurred cursive composition.

The card peruses:

“Dear Cousins,

I hope this will reach you well. We are very well but mother has terrible faltering knees. It is horrendous cold here. I simply completed my history exercise and am heading to sleep quite soon. My dad is shaving and my mom is disclosing to me your location. I should close for a night. I hope grandmother and grandpa are well. Remember to keep in touch with us – Roy get his jeans fixed at this point.”

It was marked by Flossie Burgess.


There’s a George Washington one penny stamp on the back and the smeared stamp says Jamestown, however the state has all the earmarks of being secured by some sort of sticker.

Keech, 30, said she has no clue about what postponed the card, which was sent a very long time before she was even conceived by her parents.

Keech posted photographs of the postcard on a Facebook bunch in order to find McQueen’s or Burgess’ family members, or somebody who may have known the families.

“I have two great women that are helping me investigate their family history,” she said.

A few people have posted old reports in the remarks segment that may help fathom the riddle.

Keech needs to restore the card to a relative and said they have a lead on one potential family member.

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