Have you ever taught about it, give up to get up?

Don’t know if you familiar with the adage of knowing a fool. If you know some one who is a fool, then you would surely not want to be one.

Imagine you give up under al the pressure and all the impossibility that a stage of a life has to offer. You decide to relax and shake of all your worries. You become apathetic to your cause, after time we also become fed up with how we are living at that point maybe because humans beings in each of their own ways desires change.

Once we decide to bounce back up we look back and look at how we were like when not pushing and what that got as even sinister people will self-contemplate.

Based on this we make decisions that pushing maybe worth it when we think of others that had succeded since they both, laziness and pushing forward may look the same but one will yield while the other never will.

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