Habibulllah’s Love Story- SEASON 1

Junior high school is the place where everyone begins to develop physically, mentally and emotionally. That was when a young boy’s encounter begun.

There lived a boy called Habibulllah who was fortunate to attend one of the best schools in the northern part of Ghana. The school was Tiyumba Junior High School. He was admitted as a fresh student and knew no one. He had no friends by then. He was a shy guy and wasn’t mingling that much. But deep down you could see him as a notorious guy.

As his stay in school became successful, he made friends and was very free with most of his mates especially the ladies. Habibulllah was also serious with his books because he knew the home he was coming from and would never want to let them down. He wasn’t the best in his class but he was among them.

The heart being an emotional organ, Habibulllah happened to fall in love with one of his female friends in the same class. At first he didn’t understand what was happening.  Anytime he sees that girl, his heartbeat rate increases to the height of Mountain Afadjato. Time passed by and he thought it could just vanish. It increased everyday till it got to a point she was the only person that could lighten up his day. This special person was called Rafia.

What would become of Habibulllah and Rafia? Stay safe to find out!

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