Dr. UN cannot be arrested because of this

It has been said Dr UN should be arrested and prosecuted for defrauding but I doubt if it is a feasible path to chart.

The law as I understand it, doesn’t go above itself to protect the gullible. And therefore not every act of deception committed on another would amount to fraud by false pretense.

Section 131 of Act 29/60 creates the offense of defrauding by false pretense and Section 132 explains it to mean where by any false pretence, or by personation, a person obtains the consent of another person to part with or transfer the ownership of anything.

Clearly, for there to be defrauding by false pretenses, the person alleging such deception must have been led by that deception to part with ownership of anything.

Dr Un did commit personation and did engage in false pretense but all the people he fooled have come out to say they didn’t pay anything!

He’s a smart man. He fooled very arrogant people. People who won’t come out and admit they were fooled. Of course they paid, we all know they paid but what will it make them look like if they say they paid? So they say they did not pay…and if they did not pay then no crime has taken place

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