Burger King Worker Shot And Killed Over Fast Food Order Taking Too Long

A woman in Florida who had ordered Fast Food thought her food was taking so long after waiting for a couple of hours, sent a man to go to the restaurant and shoot one of the employees.

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s office, the shooting took place on Friday around 7:30pm local time.

The police arrived at the scene a few minutes after the incident and found the deceased, Desmond Armond Joshua, 22 with a gunshot wound.

After being taken to the area hospital, he was pronounced dead. The incident was caught on video and showed a physical altercation between Joshua and another man.

The unfortunate incident happened after the woman became infuriated that the restaurant had become so busy, failing to deliver her food.
After approaching the restaurant in a violent and heated manner, she was given back her $40 and asked to leave.

But the visibly angry woman began yelling that, she “would have her man come to the restaurant”. She then left and came back with another person in her car.

The person, later identified as Rodriguez – Tormes approached Joshua who had close from work and was at the parking lot of the restaurant, and demanded that he “fight him”.
He put the deceased into a headlock, and started choking him.

A witness came and pull him off Joshua, but Rodriguez-Tormes quickly went to his car and took a gun. On approaching the deceased -who had become very weak and couldn’t flee the scene- he yelled “you got two seconds before I shoot you”.
He then shot Joshua twice in the chest and twice in the head, and fled in his white sedan along with the woman.
Joshua had only started working in the restaurant when this incident occurred.

The two suspects are yet to be apprehended.

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