4 Tips On How To Have A “Stress Free”” University Life

For most people, the university is a stage in their academic lives where they are finally free to do as they please. This assertion is not true to some extent. University students often complain bitterly about how stressful “university life” is. From the headache if too many assignments to financial issues, students always have something to worry about.
But what if there was a way to be free from all the stress and “wahala” in the university. To ensure that you have a comfortable life at school, you should take note of the following:

  1. Do not procrastinate
    Students often feel that they can put their assignments on hold and do it on a later date, forgetting that they might be given more assignments from other course areas. Once assignments are given, it would be of good help if you start it right away; this will give enough time for a thorough research on your work and earn you a good grade. Instead, most students stick to the “last minute” method of submitting their assignments. This results in a shabby and scanty work. Students will have sleepless nights because assignments are due in a day or two and no progress has been made; this causes frustration. To avoid this, always do your assignments on time.
  2. Live within your means
    The saying that”cut your coat according to your size” is very key in having a stress free life in school. Students at the university level feel the need to impress their friends and the opposite sex. This leads them to invest a lot of money in clothes and other accessories to make them look “Dhope” in the eyes of others. Some go to the extent of using their school fees to spoil themselves. Having to worry about how to get money to do these things is a major headache for some students. To be on the safe side, you should be mindful of your needs, wants and spending decisions; it’s school not a fashion show.
  3. Learn to blend your academic life with your relationships
    Having a “broken heart” whiles on campus is something you would not want to experience. If you cannot manage a relationship whiles in the university, it is better to avoid dating on campus totally. Some students are able to cope with having a partner whiles in school. If you think you cannot juggle the two, it’s advisable to drop one.
  4. Get a serious study group
    Unlike the Senior High School where students can learn “solo” and still pass their exam, university is quite different. In the university, you would have to join a study group to help you learn faster. Joining the right group is very important here. Some study groups rather pull you down as a student; instead of using the meeting time for academic discourse some students rather use this as an avenue to “gossip”. Find a serious study group and it’ll help you cover your academic syllabus faster.
    These tips will help reduce your stress levels in the university. Which tip was most helpful?
    Leave a comment and if you have any tricks you employ in your academic life, kindly share with us in the comments.

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