Why You Need To Repent And Come To The Celestial Kingdom. Check It Out

Okay of us is on a journey through life. We are headed toward an eternal destination. As we travel, we hear voices calling to us. One is the voice of the Lord, guiding us toward the celestial kingdom and another is the voice of Satan, enticing us to do evil. We are free to choose between the two and we are to act for ourselves.

Going off our true course is called sin. Correcting our course so that we are once again headed toward the celestial kingdom is called REPENTANCE. In the book of John 8:12, Jesus Christ promised us: ” I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

When we stray off the right course, we wander into darkness like a boat that has strayed near dangerous rock and treacherous water. A life of sin will not lead us into happiness at the end of our journey. Satan will be glad when we commit sin. He wants us to tell ourselves that the sin is not as serious as it really is. He knows that, as long as we make excuses for our sin, we will not repent completely.

We need to repent of the things that we should not have done such as telling a lie, gossiping, or taking the name of not doing the Lord in vain. We also need to repent of not doing the things we should do, such as paying our tithing, praying often, befriending a neighbor and carrying out an assignment. We need to recognize the Spirit of the Lord prompting us to overcome our errors.

Let me tell you a testimony of a young man. This was what he said, ” I think of all the pain I caused my parents and myself by not realizing that sin does not bring happiness. After high school I moved out and started drinking, smoking and using drugs. I thought i was having a good time, but now I know I was really quite miserable. Then one day, one day I stopped and thought, what if my parents could see me now? What would they think? It was then that I started to turn to my life around. I would never have made it without some good friends and an understanding Bishop and the help of the Holy Ghost. But the help I was able to repent. And now I see how unhappy I was. I testify that repentance and righteous living bring happiness. And I know from experience that the Lord is always there to help us change our lives, if we only let him.”

As we repent of our sins, we come closer to the true path. When we are on the true course leading to the celestial Kingdom we understand that all the laws of God are important. Remember this is our goal to attain with prayer and asking the lord to show us our weakness and sins, he will do it.

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