We are Jehovah’s witnesses_-_ A poem about Jehovah’s witnesses by PenGod

Prince Ea. said, we are living in a universe
Uni means one
Verse means song
Everybody wants to dance to this song to seek happiness and protection

So, they try to find a deity
A deity with heart so pretty
Pretty with power so plenty
Plenty that can smooth their throat when thirsty

But we, we are fortunate
Fortunate because we’re organized and arranged like leaves of a pinnate
I stretched my palm to touch my mate
And we saw a palmate, leaf so beautiful

And I asked my mate, who made it?
He said God. God? What’s his name?
He said Jehovah, oh my God is over!
Is true because I’m a witness

He said wow are you a Jehovah’s witness?
Yes, we are Jehovah’s witness, we are together in happiness
We love each other, it doesn’t matter where you originate
We never discriminate

Whether you’re black, white, Latino,
Arabian, short, tall, beautiful, ugly, rich or poor
We live together so beautiful like a flower
Because we always study the watchtower

We admire our reputation
This make our virtue stick to us like a tattoo
Because sin is a taboo
We don’t fornicate because God’s command is our favorite

We always read the Bible
And we don’t sit idol
But we humble, ourselves and we preach the word to the extent that it penetrates the minds
Of good people like a riffle

We love humanity
So, we spread the good news
So naked but we hate nudes
We know we’re humans

and we’re not perfect like a line drawn with a rule
but we make sure everything we say is true
the world is coming to an end, and only we have the clue
so, we tell people to be good and not to be cruel

so, we preach them and teach them
but they tease us
but this can’t freeze us
because our leader is Jesus.

I’m the PenGod

Written by:

Adu Poku George

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