Top ten Messi goals

From the first time Lionel Messi debuted in 2004 against Porto, to the first time he latched onto a brilliant pass from Ronaldinho to score his first ever goal, 16 years later and no one could’ve guessed he’d score over 700 goals in an impossible career. 

Argentine superman Leo Messi is among the few members of the 700 goal club and his number of goals for Barcelona and Argentina are all breathtaking to behold. Adept with a skillful play style, most of his goals are all products of a fine tuned golden feet. This article explores the outstanding goals of Lionel Messi, highlighting ten of his greatest goals, in pictures. Enjoy!×250&!1&btvi=1&fsb=1&xpc=hk5HTH2YLY&p=https%3A//

10. Barcelona vs. Estudiantes, 2010

Talk of iconic goals and this is one of Messi’s and football’s iconic goals of all time. Messi’s got so much class he didn’t want to score with the usual head or foot anymore. This time, he scored with his chest, or heart, however way I should put it. While the ball was floated from the flanks coming to him, he only dived and chested the ball straight into the post. This goal came against Estudiantes in the Club World Cup as the Cules won their first FIFA Club World Cup in 2010.

9. Barcelona vs. Real Betis, 2019

2019 was another glorious year for Lionel Messi, winning the Golden Boot in every tournament he participated in. Yeah, the League, Champions League and even the European Golden Boot. En route to yet a record setting WPOTY award win, he scored one of the best goals ever, in the process winning an ovation from the rival fans. Barcelona was playing their normal tiki-taka and near the opposition box, Rakitic teed up the ball to Messi. No body expected what happened next as he launched an audacious chip from behind the box beating a crowded box as the ball went in off the cross bar. The goal was absolute class. 

8. Barcelona vs. Arsenal, 2012

The first Lionel Messi goal to be nominated for a Puskas award, it was a neat and skillfully controlled goal against Arsenal. Facing off the London club in the Second Leg of the Round of 16, the Argentine wowed the Camp Nou with a piece of trickery in grand style. Dashing towards Almunia, the gunners goalkeeper moved towards the Argentine with the intention of stopping him. You’d expect Leo to shoot but he only delicately flicked the ball well above Almunia and when the goalkeeper was well beaten and the ball was comfortably dangling over his head, Messi smashed it in. Plus, hey, Iniesta provided a solid assist there. 

6. Barcelona vs. Manchester United, 2009

One of Lionel Messi’s iconic goals, this goal won Barcelona their third Champions League trophy of all time. More iconic is Messi’s miniature status beating tall physiques to a header. It was the Finals against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Manchester United. Samuel Eto’o gave Barcelona an early lead but The Red Devils were not ready to give up. It was a shocker Messi goal that sealed the night for Pep Guardiola. A 1.68m tall Messi jumped a two meter height reach to head in a floated cross past Edwin Van Der Sarr beating even Rio Ferdinand to the ball. Just watch the goal again, will you?

5. Barcelona vs. Real Madrid, 2012

When Barcelona faced off against Real Madrid in the Semi-Finals of the 2011/12 Champions League, it was one of the most watched El Classic in history. Barcelona went on to win the competition that year and the world was privy to yet another Lionel Messi masterclass. On the attack, the Real Madrid defense were stacked up to shut off any threat. David Villa with the ball suddenly stopped, some few meters beyond the center circle. He simply laid it up to Messi who singlehandedly ran towards the defense and beat everyone in his way, beating the likes of Ramos, Pepe and Marcelo who failed to do anything to stop the genius’ run. The Madrid fans will never admit this goal is a gem because they know how it hurt them. 

4. Barcelona vs. Bayern Munich, 2015

One of the most memorable goals in the Champions League was bagged by Leo in 2015. Widely remembered for its buildup and iconic dribble, it makes its way into Messi’s list of greatest goals. Receiving the ball from Iniesta, he marched towards the opposite goal with the ball closely at his feet. Bayern defender Jerome Boateng made his moves towards the forward but his bottom was on the ground in the next second after Leo Messing made some swift feet movement that definitely dazed the German block. What followed was an iconic chip over Manuel Neuer who failed to keep up with the best player in the world. Messi ran Bayern ragged in the 3-nil encounter, scoring two and assisting one. 

3. Barcelona vs. Athletic Bilbao, 2015

This goal from the diminutive genius is regarded as scientifically impossible. Everything about the goal, from its initial touches, dribbles, pace and acceleration and finishing all speak impossible – the football scientists say. He dribbled past three players in one point three seconds with three touches, accelerated towards goal, cut back and fired an impeccable shot in the near post. Truly impossible! 

2. Barcelona vs. Liverpool, 2019

Messi’s absolute genius on the free kick in this match affirmed the fact that he is the best player in set piece specialization. Having already scored, Barcelona had a free kick opportunity but it was well out of zone even for the number 10 himself. But he stood behind the ball and curled it past the wall into the top left corner and Allison could do nothing about that. 

1. Barcelona vs. Getafe, 2007

The famous Maradona-esque goal is voted as fans’ favorite goal. Scoring it as early in his career back in 2007, some argue it is even better than Maradona’s goal itself. Messi received the ball in his own half, before beating two players. With the ball at his feet, he dashed towards the opponents half while towering on the line before cutting it in the third half. He beat seven players before beating the goal keeper despite disadvantaged in his stance. The Spanish commentary for the goal is just as classic! 

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