Tokyo Unveils Public Toilets With Transparent Walls

A team of Japanese architects and artists has designed and built a number of public toilets….some with transparent walls

The 17 public toilets as part of The Tokyo Toilets project are located in several areas across the city’s popular entertainment district of Shibuya
Majority of the toilets have still not been completed, but 5 -which includes two see -through ones- have finished and began operation

Once a person enters and locks the door, the walls of the toilet become frosted and any visibility from outside is blocked.
But the big question is how can one tell if the walls have turned opaque?  Well, you only have to lock the door, and pray the system doesn’t malfunction.

“The use of public toilets in Japan is limited because of stereotypes that, they are dark, dirty, smelly and scary” read a statement on the company’s website

“Ostomate facilities are available at some locations. All toilets are also equipped with Washlets” it further stated

“There are two things we worry about when entering a public restroom, especially those located at a park”

“The first is cleanliness, and the second is whether anyone is inside. Using the latest technology, the exterior glass turns opaque when locked” spokesperson of The Tokyo Toilets Project stated at the opening of the first of such toilets

“This allows users to check the cleanliness and whether anyone is using the toilet from the outside. At night, the facility lights up its vicinity like a beautiful lantern” he concluded.

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