The Most Polite Way To Breakup With Your Partner

The Most Polite Way To Breakup With Your Partner

Breaking up itself is a whole headache. You don’t want to be with your partner anymore but you don’t want to hurt them and breaking up with them will do that.

It’s tempting to just forget about how your partner will be feeling but it’s important to realise that you still need to be kind about it.

1. Give you and your partner a chance to fix things

There’s always a reason why you want to break up with them. If you’re having doubts and concerns about your relationship, it’s important to share that with your partner before you breakup. Try to work things out with them and if it doesn’t work, you have a million and one reasons to go ahead with the breakup.

2. Deliver the news in person

This point is really important. You owe it to them to gather up all the courage and tell them in person. Don’t text, do it over a call or even email them. I know it’s a very uncomfortable situation but it shows that you care for them and that you care for that relationship.

3. Don’t drag it out

The Most Polite Way To Breakup With Your Partner

Once you’ve decided, don’t call them saying “we need to talk”. You’ll be giving them unnecessary pressure. Set a date and time. Go straight to the point. State the reasons why you are breaking up with them and move.

4. Accept that it’s going to be painful

Yes, even for you despite the fact that you may have already come to terms with it. You need to anticipate that it will hurt them and you have to keep reminding yourself about why you decided to break up in the first place because seeing them hurt and in pain may cause you to start thinking twice about the breakup. You need to stand your ground.

5. Be prepared to listen

You may not like what you hear. Your partner will be speaking from a place of pain so I’ll advise you not to take anything they say personally.

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