The Heart of a Traveller.

Thank you very much for paying my transportation fee

Maybe they would have left me in the jungle for the wild animals to kill me if not thee

Stories have made me travel to exile, to find something for my living

To be able to stand like a rat standing on it’s hind legs plucking cocoa beans as a human being

Than you for given me shelter

For I am lost in the garden, if not you, I would have been moving helter-skelter

You have given me a box of happiness to hide my tears

Courage and strength defines you as a Tigres, I no longer have fears

Years have gone and you’ve shown me love and affection

You’ve fall in love for the first time, and I don’t want to open your diction

You have fallen in love with the traveller who will soon leave

Sorry, I have hurt your emotions, but remember I am just a Traveller

I cannot love you back

I have to go, far away from you

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