More fire in town as Akyem youths protests and dares Mahama to ever step there for campaign

The Chiefs and the people of Akyem Abuakwa, Bosome and it environs this morning protest against former president and the presidential candidate for the National Democratic Congress over his statement against the people of Akyem

The chiefs and the people of Akyem are really heated up and waiting for John Dramani Mahama to step foot at their province.

They said they are not doing that because of the political affiliations but the statement he made about the akyems really hurt them and they are dating him to ever step foot at their environs for campaign.

They said they didn’t expect that from a former president and a current presidential candidate who is campaigning and wanting to become the president again, well it’s up to him and his followers.

The demonstration is still ongoing and it’s very heated demonstration, they are really hurt about that comment so they are really heated up.

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